Calidad Home-All About Classy Silk Pillow Cases


It goes without saying that silk pillows and pillow cases are perhaps the most preferred when it comes to style, design, and smoothness. However, the material used for making such cases and pillows is something that has major bearing on their selection. In fact, the materials for classy silk cases have to be selected with utmost care and caution. more

Silk Pillow Case Materials

Usually the silk pillow cases are manufactured using charmeuse or mulberry silks. Of course there are various other kinds of silks but they will feel quite differently in comparison to the silk derived from mulberry or charmeuse. Manufacturers will never like to disclose the type of silk used for their products and this could result in the buyer being deprived of the quality products. However, if the material is either mulberry or charmeuse, the buyer could rest in peace as they will always generate high quality products.

Avoiding Inferior Quality Materials

Some of the points to remember while buying the bed pillow or cases are –

-Buyer should not be carried away by the version of the sales person since it would be aimed at promoting their products irrespective of the quality or the material used.

-When the product offered is supposedly raw silk, tussah, habotai or such others, it might be good refraining from buying such products.

-One good way would be researching by surfing the Internet to find out a bit about all types of silks that are used to make the pillows and pillow.

Importance of Threads

Whether it is the pillow, bed pillow or the pillow threads are most important for making them durable, qualitative, and classy. However, just having enough number of threads does not matter. More than the numerical strength it is the qualitative aspect that is more important for creating the classy pillow or pillow cases. Instead of spending much time on the number of threads used, it would be good checking the designs.

Designs of Cases

Some of the designs those are qualitative and also popular are –

-Hidden flap style is the most popular and best as well as it helps holding the pillow in place.

-Easiest and most common is the open sack style but are not as helpful as the hidden flap style.

-Zippered styles are good but not very popular as zippers tend to break.

Taking care of the design and choosing either mulberry or charmeuse could be the true solution for classy pillow cases buyers.